Project LEAD XXX

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Purpose: The Main Entrance of the Riverwalk is visually obscured. Enhancing the Riverwalk Plaza will encourage more usage of the River Walk.


  • Improve the visibility and usage of the Riverwalk.
  • Enhance an existing community space for increased incidental and purposeful interaction that is also close to the downtown corridor


  • Enhancement to the Fort Atkinson Downtown Corridor
  • This brings more visibility to the use of the plaza and Riverwalk
  • Promotes community interaction
  • Encourages community use of those who live downtown
  • More foot traffic to local businesses
  • Provide better options for people who are already downtown
  • Increase quality of life

Project Specifics: with your support, we can make it happen! Project LEAD has created an ambitious list of needs for this space, prioritized by need. Each item will be addressed as fundraising allows. With your donation, it can all be possible!

  • Decorative archway to identify the plaza and the Riverwalk entrance from the parking lot
  • Painted walking path to Riverwalk entrance
  • Moveable picnic tables and chess tables
  • Lighting to enhance space
  • Replace existing lighting along the Riverwalk
  • Updated landscaping to include refreshing current green space
  • Park Sign to match city park system signage
  • Purchasing additional furniture
  • Enhanced path finishing
  • Installing a sculpture or similar piece of art to continue the overall theme established throughout the city


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