Studio 8 was opened in 1987 and continues to strive to be innovative and progressive in their business model. With 7 staff currently ranging from age 21 on up, Studio 8 provides all age groups with the range of expertise to handle generational hairstyles. From perms, styles, and basic color, to very meticulous coloring techniques, Studio 8 offers everyone their desired hair outcome. They also offer many massage modalities, full skin and hair care lines, facial peels, pedicures, manicures, and the list goes on.

Since 2015, Studio 8 has been teaming up with the Jefferson County Cancer Coalition for their W.I.G.S. program. The program is available to cancer patients in the county who desire a wig. The client sets up an appointment at Studio 8 with an experienced stylist to select their best wig choice which includes a wig stand, caplet, shampoo, conditioner and spray, all free of charge.

The W.I.G.S. program is funded by an annual plant sale held the Saturday before Mother’s Day. There are hundreds of plants for purchase which include annuals, perennials, house plants, succulents, 130+ hanging baskets, and potted decorative pots that are planted for the person who doesn’t feel confident with their designing skills.  All plants are grown locally in a private greenhouse.

Children and adults alike are encouraged to participate in the Build-a-Basket activity that takes place during the plant sale. The participant pays for the basket which includes the hanger, dirt, 3 plants of choice, and a Mother’s Day card for that special someone.  Participants then decorate their baskets and can decide to build it on site or take home the supplies and plants and build it there.  Dads and grandparents are encouraged to sign their little ones up so the children can surprise their moms with a signature basket designed especially from them.

To date, the event has raised over $12,000.00 for the program.

Call Studio 8 at (920) 563-8888 to sign up for a basket or stop by for their plant sale on Saturday, May 13 from 8am to 1pm at 17 William Street in Fort Atkinson.