How much would you pay to have someone stand in line to read your ad and learn about your company’s products and services? If you are a client of Wisconsin Indoor Advertising, you already know that the costs are minimal, compared to the return. Just picture busy restaurants, fitness facilities, or any high-traffic  venues where restroom facilities are as important as the business specialty. That is where you’ll find Wisconsin Indoor’s products: advertising signage discreetly placed behind the stall door in the women’s restrooms and at eye level in the men’s.

Restroom advertising may seem a little unorthodox, but that is one of the reasons it works; it is a bit unexpected and therefore, captures the attention of its intended audience more quickly than traditional marketing methods. Indoor ads can’t be turned off, ignored, or avoided. There is no remote control. The audience sees the ad for 30 seconds up to two minutes without interruption, and ad messages can be interchanged easily and frequently, allowing the advertiser maximum exposure. Just as with traditional promotions, clients can choose venues that target specific ages, genders, zip codes and hobbies or interests.

Several area businesses have already caught on, realizing that their ads are likely to be seen not once, but on many occasions in a short time period. In fact, repetition in a bar setting can be as high as four visits by the same person in one night. And, because the advertising medium requires undivided attention, message recall is significantly higher. Says one advertiser, “Restroom marketing is powerful because the message is delivered to the target audience when they are alone, and have time to concentrate on the ad, and are generally thankful for something to read.”

So, if you’re looking for a new way to reach your clients, or perhaps attract a new audience, give some thought to Wisconsin Indoor Advertising. Proprietors Luke Steffen and Stephen Windham can be reached Monday through Friday at 920-691-2365, or at