• Fort Atkinson City Council Candidates 

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    Bruce Johnson


    - Ensure Fort Atkinson as user-friendly for all ages

    - Protect the importance of residents having a voice in municipal government

    - Develop smart growth and quality business opportunities 

      Email: bjohnson@fortatkinsonwi.net


    Brandon Housley

    - Improve and expand city infrastructure

    - Economic development

    - Affordable and sustainable housing and rent 

    Email: housley@gmail.com



    Jean Brooks

    - Attention to environmental awareness and climate change

    - Support the needs of our health-care system

    Email: jeanbrooks1@mac.com

  • School Board Candidates

    - Rachel Snethen


    - Kory Knickrehm


    - Amy Reynolds


  • Jefferson County Supervisor Candidates

    Three of the 30 Jefferson County Board of Supervisor seats have contests in the spring election. Click here to read the Daily Union's full article.

    District 20

    Curtis Backlund

    Top concerns:

    - Roads

    - Broadband and Internet connectivity

    - County's comprehensive land use plan

    Frankie Fuller

    Top concerns:

    - Climate and environmental awareness

    - Safe and uncontaminated groundwater and waterways

    - Roads

    District 26

    Joan Fitzgerald


    Top concerns:

    - Internet access

    - County-wide resources and economic support during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

    John Donohue

    Top concerns:

    - Farmland preservation, land use development, and housing

    - Public health and safety during COVID-19 pandemic

    - Social service issues including drug addiction and mental health issues, the aging population

    District 30

    Walt Christensen


    Top concerns:

    - Comprehensive and Farmland Preservation Plan

    - Road maintenance 

    - County's response to COVID-19 pandemic 

    Lindsay Weigand-Jilek

    Top concerns:

    - County's response to COVID-19 pandemic 

    - Support of reasonable growth