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  • Economic Contribution Award Economic Contribution Award


    The Economic Contribution Award was first awarded in 1973 and is regarded as the Chamber’s most prestigious award.


    To that person who has contributed through his/her individual effort and promoted the objectives of the Fort Atkinson

    Area Chamber of Commerce  in the area of economic and social development of the community”.


    The award is an elegant engraved plaque presented at our Annual Dinner.  The nomination process is much more formal with requests for nominations going out to the membership in the early part of December.  The selection group is made up of all past presidents.

    Access the Nomination Form HERE. 

    Small Business Person of the Year Award Small Business Person of the Year Award


    The Small Business Person of the Year was developed in the 1980s following the guidelines from SBAs award.  Names are submitted to state & national competition when appropriate.


    Given to an outstanding business person from the Fort Atkinson business community, based on modified criteria from the SBA.

    • General Qualifications: Must be an independently owned, profit making business enterprise, for at least the past five years.   Must employ fewer than 100 people & be located in the Fort Atkinson service area.
    • Selection Criteria: Business & Employment Growth, Innovation, Community Involvement, Staying Power

    The engraved plaque has occasionally be modified to say “Small Business” of the Year or “Small Business Persons” of the year, depending on the circumstance, but always has been presented at our Spring Banquet.  The nominations are solicited from our membership and the selection group is made up of all past presidents.

    Tourism Counts Award Tourism Counts Award


    The Tourism Counts award was developed at a time (20 years ago) when the Chamber was on a campaign to educate the locals on the economic value of tourism.


    The Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce “Tourism Counts” Award is presented to an individual, business or organization that, through their leadership and efforts, have made a difference in the development of tourism in our area.  The name of the award reflects the chamber’s desire to impress upon the community that tourism does count in the bigger economic picture, and that it does impact the vitality of our city.


    The engraved plaque is presented at our Fall Banquet every year.  Nominations are solicited from the membership and the Tourism Committee.  The past presidents are involved in the selection process.

    Friend of the Chamber Award Friend of the Chamber Award


    The Friend of the Chamber Award originated in 1991.  The board of directors developed this award because there were so many people who deserved recognition for what they did for the chamber and most of them would not qualify for our three major awards.


    To that person and/or business that has contributed above and beyond usual service by providing special assistance to the Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce.


    The award is presented in the form of a piece of pottery with the chamber’s logo and “Friend of the Chamber” imprinted on it, and it is presented as often as the board wishes.  Nominations come to the board from staff, board members, and the membership.  The selection is done by the board.

  • 2017 Recognitions 2017 Recognitions

  • Ambassador of the Year:

    Christopher Scherer

  • Chris Scherer, 2017 Chamber Ambassador of the Year
  • Our Ambassadors always have a friendly competition each year, dividing into teams, and seeing who can bring in the most members and attend the most events. The winning team in 2017 consisted of members Mike Bender of Bender, Kind & Stafford; Todd Tesch of LSM Chiropractic, Sherry Stelse of Mike Foerster Real Estate, Trish Jonas of Jonas Office Supply, and Chris Scherer of Good Time Music Service.  

    Chris Scherer was the top point earner for 2017 with 80 points. He recruited four new members and welcomed four more, and his photo now hangs in the chamber lobby in honor of his achievements. Thank you, Chris!