4K Teacher

    Posted: 04/11/2021

     Are you looking for a position in education where you feel valued, work in a professional environment, and have a great team of co-teachers and families who support you? Are you a new graduate about to enter the education field and want your own classroom to gain experience and develop your career in Early Childhood? If this sounds like you, our 4K teaching position may be the perfect fit for you!

    Parents Cooperative Preschool has been a state-licensed preschool since 1980 for 2K, 3K, 4K and is a partner with the Fort Atkinson School District as a state approved 4K site for families with 4–5-year-olds.

    At Parents Cooperative Preschool, parent/family involvement is the key to our success! Our genuine commitment to young children and their families has helped us become one of the most desired and respected Preschools in the community.

    Our Preschool is non-profit, founded and maintained by parents whose concern is to provide a quality educational experience for their children. At Parents Cooperative Preschool, parents have the unique opportunity to work in the classrooms, giving them direct involvement in all aspects of the program while at the same time observing their child’s growth and development in a creative learning environment.

    Our mission is as follows:
    1. To provide children ages two through five years with a creative play learning experience with emphasis on the development of socialization and emotional awareness, cognitive growth, and fine and gross motor skills.
    2. To provide opportunities for parents to interact with other parents of preschool age children.
    3. To provide parents with the opportunity to assist the classroom teacher, thus providing parental awareness of activities which could be used in developmental learning experiences when teaching preschoolers at home.
    4. To provide these services at a minimal cost.

    JOB DESCRIPTION: Four-Year-Old Preschool Teacher
    POSITION SUMMARY: The four-year-old teacher is responsible for all aspects of the care and education for the children enrolled in his/her class. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following: physical care, developmental assessments, following age-appropriate curriculum, attending any related 4K events/meetings with the Fort Atkinson School and facilitating supportive relationships with co-workers, parents and students.

    Responsibilities of this position will include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:
    1. Early Childhood Programming • Ensure the safety of each child enrolled in the class. • Maintain regular observation and evaluation of children’s development and progress. • Complete weekly lesson plans, goals and newsletters. • Accept and maintain responsibility daily for the ordered arrangement, appearance, décor and cleanliness of the learning environment of the classroom. • Plan and implement age and developmentally appropriate classroom practices that will include the areas of physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of the child.

    2. Interaction with Children • Serve as a role model for the children in the areas of attitude, speech and actions daily. • Treat each child with dignity and respect. • Encourage children’s development in the areas of building self-confidence, problem solving and taking responsibility for their actions. • Interact with each child daily through circle time, centers, snacks, free play, gym time, etc. • Be consistent and loving when enforcing classroom management techniques.

    3. Relationships with Parents • Respect the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of all parents. • Communicate with parents through daily verbal contact, weekly emails and newsletters. • Return all parent phone calls or emails within twenty-four hours. • Greet parents daily as they drop off and pick up in a positive manner.

    4. Supporting Staff Relationships: • Attend all scheduled staff meetings, FASD 4K staff development sessions and meetings, and pre-planned training sessions. • Maintain current infant/child CPR , first aid certification, Mandated Reporter Training and Abusive Head Trauma Training. • Attend Early Education Conference or other approved conferences annually. • Complete 15-25 hours of professional development annually. • Adhere all WI Department of Children and Families Group Child Care Rules and Regulations.

    5. Physical Requirements: • Consistently able to observe and respond to children’s needs, emergencies, and/or conflicts that might occur in the classroom or in the gym. • Consistently able to supervise up to 13 children at a time. • Consistently able to lift children up to 50 lbs from floor. • Consistently able to kneel or crouch down to maintain eye contact at child’s level. • Consistently able to sit on the floor to work with children. • Consistently able to react to a child that is 20-30ft away within 30 seconds. • Consistently able to respond to children’s first-aid needs, which may include cuts, bruises, blood and bodily fluids. • Consistently able to establish clear communications orally and in writing to children, parents, co-workers and administration. • Consistently able to deal effectively with the stress involved in working closely with children and their families.

    BENEFITS • Receive one week of teaching hours as paid “personal hours” per school year; teacher can cash in unused “personal hours” at the end of each school year. • If there is a family emergency, PCP staff and school board support a “family first” philosophy if there an emergency for a staff member. • Be part of a staff that collaboratively advises, supports and encourages each other as an educator as well as each student and his/her family. • Strong partnership with Fort School District with access to a variety of early childhood special services. • Very unique teaching experience/environment in terms of a play-based philosophy and fostering the integration of a teacher’s passion/strengths/talent in the classroom.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Parents Cooperative Preschool is seeking a dynamic 4K teacher who is passionate about Early Childhood Education and can foster a love of learning, exploration and independence in young children.
    • Qualified candidates must possess a valid license from WI Department of Public Instruction indicating the ability to teach pre-K. • Ideally have 2+ years’ experience in an early childhood classroom. Please send a letter of interest, resume and 3 current letters of recommendation to Parents Cooperative Preschool, 320 S. Main St, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 or email all items to parentscoop@att.net