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    Cloute Inc.
    Job Description

    A psychologist at a well known university advised a large insurance company to hire a special group of job applicants who tested high on optimism. Although they had failed the company's standard aptitude test, the company took the risk and hired the group anyway. Sales were tracked over time and the "high optimism" group, compared with salesmen who passed the aptitude test but scored high in pessimism, made 21 percent more sales in their first year and 57 percent more in their second.
    What does that teach us? Optimistic people, in general, are more likely to get creative about solutions, persevere in the face of challenges, see the positive in every situation and find a way to gain a benefit regardless of the situation.
    At Cloute Inc. we place a high value on optimism. We are adding an optimistic leader to our already strong team, who can serve our customers as a daytime house cleaner . Are you part of the "high optimism" group and looking to join a team of growing individuals in a growing company?

     Success in this position looks like:
    Ambitious & professional, with an eye for detail
    Passionate about serving people and a job well done
    Courageous enough to honor your commitments
    Eager to learn or continue learning the professional house cleaning business
    Willing to work (20-30 hours/week)

     Desired Qualifications:
    1+ to 2 years of experience
    High school degree

     If you are intrigued, we want to talk with you.
    "Opportunity is never lost ... it simply moves on to someone else if you don't seize it!"
    -Kim Garst

     Additional Information:
    Compensation: $15.00 to $20.00 per hour
    Industry: Housekeeping
    Availability: Part-time

    Please stop in our office and fill out an application or follow the link below to apply online.


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