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    The Chamber’s leadership program, Project LEAD, begins every year in September, and is followed by monthly sessions at area companies and organizations with the goal of planning, fundraising, and ultimately implementing their chosen project. Project LEAD participants are introduced to the leadership of the area’s largest employers, while learning the inner workings of what makes the community function. Facilitated by Ryan Hill of KLAS Solutions; the program strives to build future leaders with a desire to serve the community, so participants also determine a project that addresses a local issue or concern. 

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  • Project LEAD XXXIII - Project Explanation Project LEAD XXXIII - Project Explanation

    Project LEAD XXXIII -

    For this year's project, Project Lead XXXIII has chosen to replace the city's current HID lightbulbs with new LED bulbs in 19 city-owned light poles. Bulbs will be replaced in the parking lot behind the municipal building, the public parking lot where the summer farmers market takes place, the public parking lot on South 3rd Street, the Police Department parking lot, and East Blackhawk Drive in the Gordon F. Day Industrial Park. 

    The benefits of these new bulbs include:

    • SAFETY: LED bulbs produce better lighting than traditional bulbs which will illuminate once-dark areas - making streets, walkways, and parking lots safer for pedestrians and drivers in our community.
    • DURABILITY: LED bulbs are shock and vibration resistant and can last up to four times longer than traditional bulbs, resulting in lower maintenance costs. 
    • COST SAVINGS: LED bulbs cut yearly electricity costs by approximately 78%, saving nearly $3,500 in the first year after implementation. Ultimately, these savings will positively impact city finances that can be directed toward other areas of need in the community. 
    • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The reduction of energy usage helps lower carbon emissions, creating a healthier environment for the community. LED bulbs also produce zero toxic elements (like mercury), require less hardware, and have a longer lifetime. 


    The project will culminate in a celebration to showcase the completion of their goal.

    The goal of the group is to raise $3,600 for the bulb replacements. The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation will match contributions, dollar-for-dollar allowing the group to meet the total fundraising goal of $7,200. 

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  • Project LEAD over the Years Project LEAD over the Years

    2020 - Implemented dog-friendly amenities around Fort Atkinson

    2019 - Enhanced the Fort Atkinson Aquatic Center

    2018 - Enhanced Riverwalk Plaza in downtown Fort Atkinson

    2017 – Expansion of the Dwight Foster Public Library’s bilingual resources collection

    2016 – Refurbishing the trails, handrails, landscaping and signage at the Brietkze Educational Wetlands

    2015 – Planted trees in Ralph Park affected by Emerald Ash Borer

    2014 – Trailway Park

    2013 – Veterans Memorial at McCoy Park

    2012 – Barrie Park Restrooms

    2011 – “Then and Now” Historic Pictorial Book of Fort Atkinson

    2010 – Enhancement of Barrie Park Band Shell

    2009 – Install fence around playground at Lorman Park, add sign commemorating record flood level of 2008

    2008 – Lighted crossing signs for bike trail, planted 20 trees at Jones Park, and design a “green” bathroom for Lorman Park

    2007 – New playground equipment at Ralph Park

    2006 – Trail Markers at Mush-Ko-Se-Day Park

    2005 – Mile markers along the bike trail and lights for the holiday tree at Lorman Park

    2004 – River Walk railing and scanner for the Hoard Historical Museum

    2003 – Placed identification blocks in front of historical sites and refurbished the plaque at the original fort site

    2002 – Fort Atkinson welcome sign in front of Armory

    2001 – Cut pathways for walking paths and Dorothy Carnes Park

    2000 – Lighted event sign and historic walkway at Jones Park

    1999 – Added a water-fountain along the bike trail

    1998 – Landscaped HWY 26 Bypass signs

    1997 – Initiated Adopt-a-Park program with Fort Atkinson Parks and Recreation

    1996 – Lighted outdoor locator map at the Chamber of Commerce

    1995 – Phone Blitz to get people out to vote

    1994 – First Buckskinner Rendezvous held in Fort Atkinson

    1993 – Built fence around Panther Intaglio

    1992 – Compiled list of available meeting facilities for business and industry; created listing of available community activities for youth; created design for bathrooms at Lorman Park

    1991 – Recycling Committee formed

    1990 – Developed Employee Assistance program

    1989 – First Project LEAD class graduates

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  • The first Project LEAD class poses for a picture at their graduation.


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  • The 2013 class of Project LEAD meets for their retreat. This half-day rustic workshop helps participants build relationships and develop leadership skills.