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    Spacesaver Corporation

    Spacesaver Corporation



    About Us

    Spacesaver Corporation began in 1972 and is located in in Fort Atkinson, WI. We are a steel manufacture that employs over 350 full-time team members between our manufacturing and administrative divisions.

    We are problem solvers and solution providers for our customers. On any given day, for any given business or organization, Spacesaver works to solve storage challenges. There are plenty of scenarios, but on a daily basis we, along with our local distributors, use our storage and shelving solutions to assist with:
    •Storing the history of the world
    •Creating safe, secure ways to hold police evidence, weapons, and gear
    •Equipping athletic teams with configurable storage to store helmets, cleats, pads, sticks, balls, and bats
    •Designing storage solutions that open up libraries and create study spaces, computer labs, meeting
    rooms, and more
    •Organizing sterile storage in an efficient way for hospitals
    •Doubling pallet positions and space for SKUs in large warehouses
    •Keeping our military ready and active by organizing weapons and gear for garrison and the field
    •Contributing to open office concepts and hoteling trends by reducing the storage space needed for files

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    Gallery Image ActivRAC_Storage_system_for_US_Navy_Naval_Undersea_Museum.jpg
    Gallery Image ActivRAC_Storage_system_for_US_Navy_Naval_Undersea_Museum(1).jpg
    Gallery Image FortAtkinsonFireDept_FireHose_13(1).jpg
    Gallery Image FortAtkinsonFireDept_FireHose_13.jpg
    Gallery Image Large_Antique_Toy_Collection_on_Mobile_Shelving.jpg
    Gallery Image Large_Antique_Toy_Collection_on_Mobile_Shelving(1).jpg
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    Gallery Image SeahawksAaronCurry.jpg
    Gallery Image Indoor_farming_in_California.jpg
    Gallery Image Indoor_farming_in_California(1).jpg
    Gallery Image Suspended_Mobile_Storage_system_for_Duty_Gear_at_Fort_Atkinson_Police_Department(1).jpg
    Gallery Image Suspended_Mobile_Storage_system_for_Duty_Gear_at_Fort_Atkinson_Police_Department.jpg
    Gallery Image Mobile_Shelving_for_Notre_Dame_Football.jpg
    Gallery Image Mobile_Shelving_for_Notre_Dame_Football(1).jpg
    Gallery Image Powered_Mobile_Shelving_at_Salve_Regina_Library(1).jpg
    Gallery Image Powered_Mobile_Shelving_at_Salve_Regina_Library.jpg