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    About Us

    My Choice Wisconsin operates in 55 counties and offers Family Care, Family Care Partnership, Medicare Dual Advantage, Medicaid SSI, and Badger Care Plus. With offices in 14 cities throughout Wisconsin, we strive to be a valued partner within all the communities we serve.

    A homegrown non-profit, My Choice Wisconsin works collaboratively with local agencies and health care providers to ensure our members have ample choices and high-quality support and services from a diverse network. Serving nearly 40,000 members and employing almost 900 staff, My Choice Wisconsin is proud of its long history and is excited to continue serving people throughout Wisconsin for many years to come.


    Staff members from the Fort Atkinson office during the Chamber Plaque Presentation
    Anna, a real Care Wisconsin member
    Chad, a real Care Wisconsin member
    Equity and Inclusion Outing
    Care Wisconsin Employee Photo
    Self-Directed Services Team in the Dane County Office
    Sarah, an Instruction Designer in the Dane County Office
    Kayla, a real Care Wisconsin member employed through Project SEARCH
    Care Wisconsin Employees fundraising for DAIS
    Chad, a real Care Wisconsin member participating in adaptive water skiing
    Stephanie, an Outreach Specialist, representing Care Wisconsin at a conference
    Employees participating in a Winter Holiday Party Fundraiser
    Employees participating in a Racial Justice Education Series hosted by the YWCA
    Sofia, a real Care Wisconsin member who is a gold medal winner in the Special Olympics