Ambassador Spotlight: Ryan Ebert

    What do you do professionally, and what do you love most about your
    I own/co-own two creative services businesses here in Fort Atkinson. Ryan
    Ebert LLC, where I work with a wide range of individuals, businesses and
    associations on graphic design, branding, marketing, videography, and
    photography projects. When things slow down a little I carve fish decoys which I
    sell through my Etsy store to collectors and spearers throughout the U.S. I co-own
    Brindle Ink, where my primary role is helping customers with their apparel
    designs, along with creating our own in-house designs, branding, and marketing.
    I enjoy that every day I’m working on a different kind of creative project, from
    helping businesses get started on the right foot with their branding and marketing
    needs to capturing important family moments.

    What is your history with the Fort Chamber?
    Both of my businesses are part of the Chamber and I started serving as
    Ambassador earlier this year. The Chamber has used many of my area
    photos, since 2007, for the bi-annual area guide and other materials. I’ve also
    volunteered at the Kids Art Tent at the Farmers Market, making paintable
    wood cuts for the kids to enjoy. As someone who didn’t grow up in Fort, I’ve
    found the Chamber to be invaluable in building connections to other area
    businesses and the community.

    What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?
    I’m one of those oddballs for whom winter is far and away my favorite season.
    I enjoy spending lots of time outside in the winter taking our two dogs for
    walks, going hunting, and on spearfishing trips to Upper Michigan and Lake
    Winnebago. I tend to do more camping when it’s below freezing than above.

    What skill sets or qualities do you think are most important to run a
    Early on you have to be able to wear many hats outside of just the service
    you provide. Be a self motivator that is organized and comfortable with
    working the hours needed to be successful. Take time to build your network of
    connections through organizations like the Chamber of Commerce.
    In my case, having a spouse who tolerates an often crazy work schedule
    helps greatly too.