Candidate Hartwick Requesting Not to be Reelected

    Current Fort Atkinson City Council Member and Candidate Megan Hartwick will appear on the April 4 election ballot, but is requesting not to be reelected for the 2023-2025 term per her statement released today. 


    A candidate cannot remove his or her name from the ballot per Wisconsin state statutes. Any person who files nomination papers and qualifies to appear on the ballot may not decline nomination. The name of that person shall appear upon the ballot except in case of death of the person. 


    If Hartwick is not elected, per her request, no further action needs to be taken. Hartwick says if she is elected to the 2023-2025 term, she will resign. If she is elected and resigns, the Council will have three options: 

    1. Appoint a successor to serve for the remainder of the term; 

    2. Order a special election; or 

    3. Allow the seat to remain vacant until the April 2024 spring election, when a one-year term for City Council would be on the ballot. 


    Any action relating to the three options above would be taken only if Hartwick is elected and resigns. The City Council elected on April 4th and seated on April 18th would make this decision through official action at a public meeting after the resignation. 


    City Council Member Hartwick intends to remain in office through the end of her current term. 


    “City Council Member Hartwick continues to serve the City well for the term for which she was elected. While it is disappointing that she no longer wants to seek another term on the Council, the City supports her desire to focus on her professional career and her family,” said City Manager Rebecca Houseman LeMire. “I respect her transparency in communicating this matter to the City and the public long before the April 4th Election.”