Fort Chamber Welcomes Fort Atkinson Online LLC

    As a city of 12,500, Fort Atkinson is very fortunate to have several media outlets that cover area news. That good luck continues with the launch of Fort Atkinson Online LLC, an online local news service devoted to covering news, people and events in and around the City of Fort Atkinson. 

    The website, at fortatkinsononline.com, plans to focus on local coverage and is benefiting from the volunteer expertise of well-known local veteran journalists Chris Spangler, serving as a volunteer contributing writer and editorial consultant, and Michael Clish, who will be launching his new video-platform show, “What’s Up? with Michael Clish.” 

    “This is a community site,” said publisher and reporter Kim McDarison. “We want people within the community to see the site as a place to turn when they need to both read local news, as well as disseminate it to the public.” 

    McDarison said that a platform where news and issues of the day can be discussed traditionally is a place where communities bond, learn and grow.

    “As stewards of the community’s information, professional reporters, like the community members themselves, take their role in sharing that information and growing those discussions very seriously. It’s an honor,” McDarison said. “At FortAtkinsonOnline.com, we plan to bring well-researched, well-queried and thoughtful journalism to the reading and viewing public,” she added. 

    Those interested in learning more about the site are encouraged to visit its various pages and send comments, questions and ideas through its “comments” portholes or by emailing: kbrook@ix.netcom.com. Advertising opportunities also are available.

    Along with the website, Fort Atkinson Online has a Facebook page on which McDarison will be showcasing photos and commentary from readers. It is located at @FortAtkinsonOnline.