Opportunities, Inc. receives WI Dept of Health Services Grant

    Opportunities, Inc. receives WI Department of Health Services grant to provide COVID-19 Vaccination Community Outreach

    The state of Wisconsin expects to immunize approximately 80% of the eligible population at a rapid pace. To accomplish this goal, the Department of Health Services (DHS) awarded 6.3 million dollars to 101 organizations to engage in community outreach. Focus will be on education, encouragement and empowering people of diverse ability, background, and life circumstance to vaccinate and advance health equity across Wisconsin.

    Opportunities, Inc. will use the award to engage not only their diverse workforce across multiple locations, but also leverage the expansive community and business partnerships to share information, influence, and accessibility options to increase vaccination awareness for those in targeted groups identified by DHS. People of color, indigenous, Latinx, impoverished, physical and developmental disability, elderly and other barriers will be the focus of this outreach. Barbara LeDuc, President and CEO of Opportunities, Inc. is humbled by this invitation and eager to collaborate with other organizations to accomplish this goal, “Opportunities, Inc. is honored to engage our long-standing relationships with the public and private sector in collective pursuit of improving equity, inclusion and the health of all Wisconsin communities.”

    Opportunities, Inc. is launching the Community Outreach COVID Vaccine Project and will develop a host of resources that will be strategically distributed across the state. Videos and print materials in multiple forms and languages will be deployed by the agency’s Community Outreach Team along with hosting additional vaccine clinics on site, duplicating the successful vaccine distribution to over 80 people in March and April 2021.

    For more information on this Project, please contact Ann Janquart, Vice President of Employment Services at ajanquart@oppinc.com