Optiv's Alison Griedl Joins Chamber

    Optiv's Alison Griedl Joins Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce
    The Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome Alison Griedl from Optiv, the cyber advisory and solutions leader, to its list of members. Alison Griedl brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of cybersecurity, further enhancing the Chamber's commitment to supporting businesses in the region.
    Optiv partners with more than 6,000 organizations annually to advise, deploy and operate complete cybersecurity programs from strategy and managed security services to risk, integration and technology solutions. In addition to a team of 1,600 highly experienced experts solely dedicated to cybersecurity, Optiv boasts an industry-leading partner ecosystem of more than 400 security technology vendors.
    Optiv empowers organizations with valuable insights and end-to-end security offerings fit to each individual clients' unique needs based both on where they are in their cyber journey and their overarching business objectives. By leveraging real-world experience across all industries, Optiv places clients at the center of an unmatched combination of people, processes, and technologies. In addition, Optiv's proactive and adaptive approach continuously evaluates risks in the context of the global threat landscape to help localized operations achieve their desired business outcomes presently and in the future.
    Optiv operates 24/7/365, ensuring their clients have continuous support and security coverage. Alison Griedl's addition to the Chamber of Commerce highlights Optiv's commitment to supporting the local business community.
    For more information about Optiv please visit www.optiv.com or contact Alison at 920-650-6296.

    Pictured: Optiv’s Representative Alison Griedl accepts her chamber plaque from Ambassador Tom Dehnert.