Rock River Dental Hold Holiday Food Drive

    November 16, 2020

    Rock River Dental To Hold Holiday Food Drive

    Contact Info: Amy Larson, Marketing Director

    Rock River Dental



    Food insecurity continues to be an issue in Jefferson Co., and the COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this need as people experience increased financial strain and unemployment. The Fort Atkinson food pantry has seen an increase in pantry usage. 

    For that reason, Rock River Dental is excited to announce that they will be holding a Holiday Food Drive from November 17th -December 7th. 

    “We are happy to be able to help contribute to the area food pantries that serve the underserved; children, low-income families, and the homeless. The need may be greater than ever this year because of so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic,” said Amy Larson, Marketing Director, Rock River Dental

    Dr. Showalter and staff ask that you join in helping out those in need in the Jefferson County area by donating non-expired, non-perishable food items. Specific items needed, but not limited to, are pancake syrup, pancake mix, canned chicken, hamburger helper, boxed pasta, peanut butter, pork and beans, canned fruit and vegetables. 

    For everyone’s safety, we will be leaving the donation bin in our front entryway. We ask that you do not enter our lobby while donating if you do not have a dental appointment or without calling first.

    “As we see the need increase in our community, we want to do whatever we can to help. No one should ever have to go to bed hungry.  For this reason, I will match pound for pound what our patients and community members donate,” stated Dr. Leslie Showalter. 

    Items can be dropped off at Rock River Dental- 1951 Commerce Pkwy on the southside of Fort Atkinson during our regular business hours on November 17th through December 7th. 

    For more information or directions to our office, please call 920-563-4415.

    Amy Larson, Marketing Coordinator
    rrdwimarketing@gmail.com, (920) 563-4415