• Take Your Child to Work Day

    April 11, 2019
    Take your Child to Work Day – April 25
    The Fort Atkinson Area Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee encourages chamber members to participate in this year’s “Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” Thursday, April 25th.
    Slated for the fourth Thursday in April, this annual event is an educational opportunity to give kids a glimpse of the working world and introduce them to potential career choices. Showing young people how each role in an organization contributes to it’s overall success helps them see the recipe for building dependable and productive teams.
    Here are some tips for ensuring a positive experience for both the employer and the child:
    Ask your child what they want to learn and plan some activities around that interest. If they aren’t interested in your particular line of work, ask a friend or family member to bring your child to his/her work instead. Conversely, you can invite a child other than your own.
    Talk to your employer and colleagues to get permission so they are aware of your intentions. Introduce your child to your colleagues so they can understand that everyone has different responsibilities. Show them in advance how to greet and shake hands, so they will know what to expect and feel comfortable.
    Make sure you can set aside time to explain your work and answer all your student’s questions. Just observing someone else work is not a very engaging activity. Try to look at the day from your child’s perspective. What is something interactive they could do during their visit?
    Stay positive. If your child sees you are having a difficult day, they are less likely to equate work with a rewarding experience. If possible, work with your child’s teacher to let them know about the student’s participation. Your child could be an educational resource for his/her peers.
    At the end of the day, ask your child what they liked best and what they learned.
    For a wealth of resources on how to have a successful event in your business or organization, visit the national website: https://daughtersandsonstowork.org/
    Post any photos or comments to the Chamber’s Facebook page on April 25th so we can share your experiences with others!
    Melissa Medina, Office Manager
    (920) 563-3210